Advantages of Home Delivery for your Benefit

What makes us different?

We understand you have many choices when it comes to where you get your product. Which is one of the many reasons why we understand the importance of member sensitivity and attention. From ensuring the quality of product from procurement to packaging care, we take pride in every delivery that leaves our facility. Should a member be anything less than 100% satisfied, we will reship their order, the same day, at no cost to you, no questions asked. Our company was founded on, and still operates today with a commitment to the uniqueness of not only each health plan but the individual needs of each of their members.

More control over experience and monitoring of purchases

Educates consumers

Higher likelihood of medication adherence

Consistent experience

Convenient to order from home

Lower start-up cost

Costs incur based upon usage

Consistent product cost

Single source for benefit administration (order processing, Q&A, etc.)

Data exchange for eligibility data occurs on continuous basis

Typically, compliance and quality teams are embedded in service offerings: CMS regulation monitoring/training and reporting to support financial and CMS requirements

Reporting package: timeliness, order performance, service-level agreements (SLAs)

Eligible products and benefit balance confirmed

Trained professionals handling member interactions

More trackable and manageable

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